Billionaire – Travis McCoy ft. Bruno Mars (2010)

I couldn’t help publishing this great success in my blog. And really worth, because Billionaire sold 3 million digital copies to July 2011. For Bruno Mars, this was his third three-million success.

The lyrics were inspired in a trip Bruno Mars made to London. His record label gave him £240 for spending in 11 days, which proved to be not enough. So he thought… “What am I going to do here! I wanna be a billionaire, so freakin’ bad… “. When he showed it to Travis, he thought… “OK we’re in the wake of a recession… wouldn’t this be a superficial lyrics?” Finally they didn’t care much and recorded.

If you analyze the music, you’ll find it’s the same musical structure as Sublime’s success Santeria.


What’s up? – 4NonBlondes (1993)


This amazing song reached the peak in 1993, and gave a lot of popularity to 4NonBlondes, rock band active between 1989 and 1994. In fact, the only song that gave certain level of fame to this band was this.


It’s worth and a pity to mention that, soon after Linda Perry (the vocalist and guitarist, and main member of the group) left the band, this one dismembered soon.