Cory Monteith,… here we go again.. with you :(

It’s 04:30 pm today and I hadn’t see one sole chapter of Glee since more than one year ago. I was so fascinated with the musical quality of the TV series.

Now I find in my local newspaper website (El Comercio) the Breaking News… Cory Monteith (Finn Hudson in Glee) was found dead yesterday afternoon in Pacific Rim Hotel in Canada. How could that be? That amazing rising star such as Lea Michele; extraordinary singer and actor whose talent I admired so much the recent years in the TV series.

Now it results that Cory was in rehab from drug addictions. I didn’t know that but reminds me the tragic stories of Marilyn Monroe, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, salsa singer Hector Lavoe (who was infected with AIDS using a syringe for injecting heroin) and the magnificent Red Hot Chili Peppers 1980’s guitarist Hillel Slovak. So story repeats with him. Here we go again.

Is it that life is so grievous for artists that they easily fall in these horrendous addictions? What did Cory didn’t have? What could he complain for? Probably fame came to early for him? Wasn’t he mature enough?

Lea Michele, spectacular actress and his girlfriend is despaired.


Some of the most well-known song performances of Cory below.